BJP will be in power for next 50 years: Amit Shah

BJP will be in power for next 50 years: Amit Shah

The Bharatiya Janata Party's national president Amit Shah is very confident of coming back to power by winning 2019 election. After the party's 2-day national executive meeting, union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad spoke to media about the highlights of event.

While the central government is facing anti-incumbency due to various issues like demonetization, GST, fuel rate hike, beef ban and others, Amit Shah has on Sunday said at the meeting "performance of our party is last 48 months will help us retain power after 2019 election and nobody will stopping us for the coming 50 years." On the first day of national executive meeting, Amit Shah alleged that Congress Party is indirectly funding the 'urban naxals' and supporting the people who are planning to assassinate PM Narendra Modi.

Another Minister Prakash Jawadekar has attributed party's confidence in retaining power to 'tireless work, vision, passion & imagination' of this government. However, the union minister for HRD has skipped a media question about rise in fuel prices. He compared the current rate of inflation (5%) with the rate of inflation (10%) during UPA's term.

The BJP leadership has launched a strong attack on Congress Party for lacking the 'neta, neeti & rann neeti' (leader, ideology and political strategy).

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