Pawan Comes Out of Cocoon!

Pawan Comes Out of Cocoon!

After hiding for long, Pawan Kalyan has finally came out of his Cocoon. Taking a long break from his Porata Yatra, Pawan is resting and spending quality time with family. He recently gone to an undisclosed place for his birthday like every year and just returned from his vacation.

He has finally shown his face to his party folks on Sunday where he has interacted with them and discussed the burning topics. Pawan told to have asked the Janasena Party activists, party workers to peacefully support Bharat Bandh that was the call given by all the Opposition parties against the rising fuel prices. As there was a great pressure on Pawan from Communists, Pawan seems to have opted for this decision.

However, Pawan sought time on the early elections in Telangana. He said to be weighing various options on whether to contest in the polls or to support anyone externally. It is learnt that Pawan is not very much keen on fielding candidates in Telangana since the results of Telangana may affect his party's prospects in Andhra Pradesh. Thanks to KCR, Pawan seems to have got a reason - early polls. However, a formal announcement and decision on whether to field candidates or not is still awaited.

Overall, party folks are said to be delighted to see their Senani back in action.

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