TDP Wants 40, Congress Ready To Give 15

TDP Wants 40, Congress Ready To Give 15

TDP, which had come first in 15 Assembly seats and stood second in 21 constituencies in 2014 polls, is contemplating to forge a pre-poll alliance in Telangana. TDP is marching towards Mahakutami in Telangana against TRS, BJP. It is said that TDP's leaders are contemplating with various options and Chandrababu Naidu said to have left the option to the Telangana state unit.

While a few in the party said to have told Naidu to contest in all constituencies across Telangana, few others said to have told Naidu to go with CPI, Congress and others. TDP's state unit is expecting 40 seats from the grand alliance. It is buzzed that Congress and others are willing to give 15 seats for the TDP, but TDP leaders are not so happy given that they had perform well in 2014. Also, several local leaders said to be working hard at the ground-level despite that senior leaders from the party have switched over. They hope that TDP would be decisive force in Telangana in 2019 given the party's hold at the grass-roots and the affection it has among people.

However, Chandrababu Naidu told to have proposed good deal for all parties. Naidu clearly told his party leaders not to seek seats where chances to win are less. He said cutting across political parties, only winning candidates should be chosen and all should cooperate for their victory. A formal decision is expected to be taken on Maha Kutami (Grand Alliance) soon. As of now, the alliance looks pretty much sure unless and until any last-minute changes.

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