Chandrababu's Decision : Rs 1120 Crore Loss To AP

Chandrababu's Decision : Rs 1120 Crore Loss To AP

In a masterstroke and timely decision, Chandrababu Naidu has cut down the excise duty of AP state government on the fuel prices. Naidu has announced that AP state is cutting down 2 percent on its excise duty on petrol and diesel. Chandrababu has announced the decision today in Assembly bringing cheers among the common man. Naidu announced that AP would cut down its VAT to give relief to people. It is reported that Petrol price would be cut by Rs 2 per litre.

As per the fresh move, AP is going to lose a whopping Rs 1120 Crore and likely to have a great burden on AP state budget. Yet, Naidu took the decision in favour of people.

The move comes in the wake of surging fuel prices and mounting pressure from the people on the Centre to bring it under the GST. Opposition parties have even called for Bharat Bandh today affecting the day-to-day life of common man across India.

This timely decision of Naidu is seen as a great jolt to Naidu's detractors Narendra Modi as well as KCR. Now, pressure mounts on Telangana CM to cut down the VAT on the fuel.

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