Veteran Heroine Objects T - Mahakutami

Veteran Heroine Objects T - Mahakutami

Telangana Congress leader Vijayashanti is the lone leader who openly raised strong objections to the formation of Grand Alliance (Mahakutami) in a combination of Congress, TDP and CPI.

She asked the Telangana Congress leaders to review it's decision to join hands with TDP as she feels that people in Telangana won't be happy with the Mahakutami, considering Telugu Desam as Andhra party. She also made a observation in the statement that Congress and TDP are ideologically opposite in Telugu states.

However, the Congress leaders did not take Vijayashanti's words serious as the heroine turned political leader has been staying away from active politics. After 2014 elections, Vijayashanti had been staying away from Congress. She hardly came to Telangana Congress office Gandhi Bhavan.

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