Babu's US Trip: What YSRCP fans Planning?

Babu's US Trip: What YSRCP fans Planning?

Looks like the forthcoming America visit of the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is putting pressure on his main political rival Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy!
It is a known fact that Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu will be in the United States of America between September 23rd & 27th; and would be addressing the United Nations annual session as a 'Special Invitee'! CBN is all set to become the first-ever Chief Minister from India to address global leaders in New York.

On the sidelines of CBN's visit to America, the Telugu Desam Party fans and followers are organizing various programs to let the Chief Minister meets and interacts with the NRI community living there.

While the trip to America will be a platform for CBN to showcase his popularity among those living overseas, the YSR Congress Party sympathizers across various States of America are now contemplating with the idea of inviting Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy to travel in the United States and are planning to organize the similar meet and greet sessions.

Speaking to Gulte from San Jose in California, two friends Bharat Reddy Lingidi and Anirudh Reddy Sakinati, who claim to be huge fans of YSRCP said, "We want to invite Jagan anna to America and demonstrate how popular he is in this part of the world too. He will be the next CM of AP, and hundreds and thousands of people across America are eager to interact with Jagan, if given an opportunity."

Looks like the battle for one-upmanship has crossed the oceans and America will be the battleground to demonstrate popularity of key political leaders of Andhra Pradesh.

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