Pawan's Special Focus On PRP Seats!

Pawan's Special Focus On PRP Seats!

Even as Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan claims to not be aligned to any caste, the 2019 elections seem to be establishing a clear picture to the people as he banks on the Kapu votebank in the East Godavari district. Sources say that Jana Sena will contest from all the 19 MLA seats in the district which is dominated by Kapus.

While the message has been communicated to Jana Sena leaders in the district, Pawan may make an announcement on October 15 at the Praja Porata Yatra near Dowleswaram Barrage. It is pertinent to note that Pawan's brother and former MP Chiranjeevi too won four seats for Praja Rajyam to the Assembly in 2009 from this district.  

The word is out that Pawan has directed local leaders to have special focus on the four assembly constituencies, from which the Praja Rajyam Party won. As plans to grow Jana Sena in Kapu-dominant region soar, it is evident that Jana Sena might eat into TDP's Kapu votebank in the district.

Rumours are rife that Pawan is ensuring that there is massive crowd turnout for the October 15th meeting. It is said that he wants to send out a very strong message from the Kapu stronghold. In actions, Pawan's 'no-caste' preference tag is turning out to be a farce.

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