Harish Rao's Interview? Conditions Apply

Harish Rao's Interview? Conditions Apply

With the election date (Dec 7, 2018)  for Telangana has come, the political campaigns have intensified in the state. Both ruling leaders and opposition leaders have become more media-friendly. And so did Ex Irrigation minister Hairsh Rao.

While many media houses are making a beeline for Harish's interviews in the wake of his recent comments on his 'Political Sanysam' and his alleged rift with KTR i.e family fued in TRS, Harish Rao is said to be a strong condition to all the media persons.

Harish Rao's PR team is said to be strictly saying that there shouldn't be any questions about KTR or Kavitha. Only on the condition, Harish's PR team is said to be agreeing to fix his interviews. It's clear that the instruction must have come from Harish himself.

Not long ago, KTR and Harish have praised each other and rubbished of the differences. KTR went ahead and even described Harish as his brother-like. May be, Harish wants to put an end to those rumours with that as too much of poking into it may defeat its own purpose.

But, journos who were excited to get Harish's interview are upset with these conditions as what else would be interesting to hear from Harish apart from KTR and Kavitha?

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