Kodandaram's Deadline To Mahaakootami

Kodandaram's Deadline To Mahaakootami

Reports are emerging that Telangana Jana Samithi founder Prof. Kodandaram has asked the Congress to decide on seat sharing in the next two days. While Kodandaram has been planning to contest from around 30 seats, Congress is said to have dashed his hopes and said it would only be able to give TJS 5 seats as they do not have the strength.

Inside reports state that Kodandaram has actually threatened to walk out of the Mahakootami if the Congress doesn't allocate the said no.of seats. Apparently, Kodandaram is under pressure from his own party members who want him to represent the party in the Telangana Legislative Assembly in the next term.

Congress, on the other hand, is in limbo as Kodandaram's walk-out might further give political mileage to TRS to criticize the Mahakootami for disrespecting Kodandaram, who has been a crucial force in the Telangana movement. TRS' allegations might also spark off a debate portraying that "Andhra" political forces are again deciding the future of Telangana.

Keeping this in mind, the Congress and TDP are treading a difficult path in Telangana to convince Kodandaram and keep him happy. Looks like the TJS chief holds the key to Mahakootami!

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