No Cadre in Congress, No leader in TDP: KTR

No Cadre in Congress, No leader in TDP: KTR

During his visit to Siricilla in Telangana, KT Rama Rao today increased the pitch of attacks on the Opposition parties. Hitting out at the Congress-TDP alliance at a public meeting, he said that 'Congress lacks cadre and TDP lacks leader,' reiterating the fact that they should vote for TRS this time too.

On the other hand, he pointed out that Congress is unnecessarily creating obstacles for Telangana elections. 'It has gone to the High Court alleging bogus votes. Their tactics will not work. You should shunt them out by not voting for them,' he added.

He added that the Congress is competing with TRS on poll promises. 'The Congress says it will give 6 cylinders if TRS declares 3 cylinders per family. Uttam Kumar Reddy is fooling people. Congress has a culture of infighting and everyone believes they are CM candidates,' he added.

Recalling NTR's scheme of 1 kg rice for Rs. 2 for the poor, he said that the Congress had copied even that scheme. 'They came up with the scheme where they offered 1kg of rice for Rs. 1 for the poor as compared to Rs. 2 that NTR had then declared,' KTR added.

KTR said that the TRS government is working to develop Siricilla as a model constituency. 'All the parties have united against TRS. Even the BJP is making foolish promises,' he added. Mocking the BJP about their promise of paying house rent of poor people, he even criticised Narendra Modi for his false promises on black money.

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