Modiji, Don't Blame Congress Alone

Modiji, Don't Blame Congress Alone

Criticising the Congress Party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Congress is dividing the nation by using divisive strategies. "Winning elections is not the only important thing in the world," he said, directing the comment at Congress.

"In the South, the Congress has created differences between the Telugu people. The two states have differences over water and power and Congress is responsible for it," the Prime Minister added. Political observers say that it is true that Congress has bifurcated the state but it is the BJP that is currently creating differences and provoking people of two Telugu states against each other.

While the BJP has an internal understanding with the ruling government in Telangana to fight against the Congress-TDP alliance. In Andhra Pradesh, it has maintained cordial relations with the Opposition party, YSRCP and its leader YS. Jagan Mohan Reddy. On the other hand, it is also denying the rightful financial assistance promised to the state of Andhra Pradesh in the AP Reorganisation Act, 2014. This makes it evident that the party that is actually hurting and insulting the Telugu states, is the BJP.

It is a well-known fact that the party has scuttled elections and focussed on only election-bound states in the last four years in government. "As soon as there are elections in some state in India, the BJP declares thousands of crores for projects in the states," a political analyst said.

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