Musheerabad Ticket : Nayani is Pained Over Delay

Musheerabad Ticket : Nayani is Pained Over Delay

The delay over the finalizing of Musheerabad ticket within TRS is said to be deeply paining Home Minister and TRS senior leader Nayani Narasimha Reddy who has been expecting the ticket for his son-in-law Srinivas Reddy. When media had asked Nayani over any update on Musheerabad ticket, Nayani bursts out in front of media admitting that it is "paining" him a lot. Nayani, however, said he would go by the party's decision whatever it may be.

Earlier, Nayani had met KCR twice over the Musheerabad's candidature to his son-in-law. KCR said to have promised him that he would consult him before taking the final decision. However, there is no movement yet on this so far. Now, Nayani wants to seek the ticket for himself if there is any problem for KCR in giving it to his son-in-law.

Apparently, it was KCR who had asked Nayani's son-in-law Srinivas Reddy to start working in Musheerabad a year ago indicating that he could contest from there. But now, there seems to be a lot of delay in announcing the name of TRS candidate for Musheerabad.


It is common knowledge in TRS circles that Nayani share a very good rapport with KCR. When KCR had asked Nayani to contest from LB Nagar Assembly in 2014, Nayani hadn't accepted saying that then opponent Sudheer Reddy was financially strong and he couldn't contest against him. Even when KCR had offered Rs 10 Crore fund for election expenses to contest from LB Nagar against Sudheer Reddy, Nayani hadn't accepted. And KCR was against to Nayani contesting then from his constituency Musheerabad where he had lost earlier.

Since Nayani is very close to KCR, KCR had inducted him into MLC and made him the first Home Minister of Telangana. So, Nayani is confident that Musheerabad's TRS ticket would either go to his son-in-law Sriniavs Reddy or at least come to him.

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