Two CMs Pressure on Two Top Media?

Two CMs Pressure on Two Top Media?

As the elections are fast approaching, both ruling and opposition parties are leaving no leaf unturned to take on one another. In latest, the pressure is said to be mounting on top media houses to support them.

While the Grand Alliance (Maha Kutami) of Telangana - TDP, Congress, TJS and others - are seeking support of two prominent vernacular newspapers, apparently, ruling TRS leaders are also increasing pressure on them to support the pink party.

None other than the Chief Ministers of both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana said to have stepped in to muster support. Considering his rapport, bond with the two vernaculars, Chandrababu sought their support for Mahakutami in Telangana. And of course, Telangana CM KCR too said to be building pressure on these two vernaculars to support the TRS. KCR said to have told them to support the TRS in Telangana ahead of polls.

Amidst pressure from two Chief Ministers, the promoters and editors of the media houses are in a great confusion.

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