Is Sabarimala BJP's Ayodhya for South India?

Is Sabarimala BJP's Ayodhya for South India?

BJP's efforts in entering South India seem to have taken a violent route. With Sabarimala protests raking up a major controversy, it looks like BJP is trying to get most mileage out of the current conundrum in Kerala. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) spokesperson Vinod Bansal today said the Sabarimala Temple was southern India's Ayodhya.

Upping the ante, Bansal thanked the devotees who have been aggressively protesting against the Supreme Court's verdict that quashed restrictions imposed on the entry of women into the Sabarimala temple. Sources say that BJP is purposely continuing the protests to spread its Soft Hindutva message in Kerala which is dominated by Left parties.

"Good that Sitharam Yechury has himself compared Sabarimala with Ayodhya because yes Sabarimala is South's Ayodhya. The way sanctity, religious belief and the serenity of Sabarimala have been attacked shows the reality of the CPI (M). The CPI (M) remains blind and ignorant on Kerala nun suffering, the way non-Hindus are appointed in Travancore Devaswom Board. I appreciate and thank the people who are protesting and saving the sanctity of the temple," the VHP spokesperson said.

Party insiders say that BJP is putting all its efforts in ensuring that this fight continues. Political observes however say that BJP is worsening politics in the South with such incidents.

"If you look at Tamil Nadu after Jayalalitha's death, BJP tried to meddle with state affairs. It didn't work. Same happened with Karnataka. They failed to form the government. With Telugu States, they are trying to create disputes between AP and Telangana. And, now Kerala. This is a dangerous sign for the country and the South," said a political analyst.

While BJP is trying to increase the saffron footprint across India, we are yet to watch whether South India will accept a party that propagates religion in a region dominated by regionalism.