'CM Power Star' WIll Happen In 2019

'CM Power Star' WIll Happen In 2019

The actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan, who once asked people at his public meeting to stop raising slogans of 'CM Power Star', seems to be feeling it magical and soothing when the same slogans are raised at the latest Janasena meeting in Peddapuram.

The confidence Pawan Kalyan has in himself on becoming Chief Minister of the state appears to be going over the board. Pawan expresses his belief and confidence in becoming CM in 2019. After he admonished Jagan and Chandrababu by bringing up the corruption cases on Jagan and alleging the venal rule of TDP, fans from the meeting began rallying cry with 'CM Power Star'.

The Janasenani called it a mantra and assured them that it would happen in 2019. He expressed the inevitability of Janasena coming to rule due to its new equations, while Chandrababu and Jagan fail to form the government.

He went ahead criticizing TDP Ministers Yanamala, Nimmakayala Chinarajappa and also Lokesh. In a rather explanatory tone, Pawan claims his support for TDP in 2014 was then just and obstructing the same TDP from coming to rule in 2019 is also equity now.

Pawan vented out his anguish on media for putting up debates on him for cursing the 'Andrew' mining company owner, who amassed thousands of crores, but not on Balakrishna's foul Talk on Modi.

Making a mention of 40 seat CM in Karnataka and Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi, Pawan accentuates it as prominent signs of change. Looks like the Janasena chief is also expecting himself to see in a 'kingmaker' position, at least!

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