KCR asks Harish Rao to Sacrifice;TRS cadre worried!

KCR asks Harish Rao to Sacrifice;TRS cadre worried!

The big dilemma of whether to contest from two seats including Gajwel or exchange his seat with his nephew Harish Rao is haunting Telangana Rashtra Samithi supremo K. Chandrasekhara Rao. The TRS High Command has been in deep thought whether the caretaker CM of Telangana should exchange his Gajwel seat, after rumours of Congress leading the race in his home constituency are creating a flutter.

Ground reports from Gajwel indicate that Congress candidate Vanteru Prathap Reddy enjoys popularity in the constituency. It is believed that the people of Gajwel are, in fact, upset with KCR for ignoring his home constituency in the last four years. In contrast, KCR had won from Gajwel against Prathap Reddy (who was then in TDP) in 2014. Even T. Narsa Reddy who contested from Congress earlier and then joined TRS post elections, is back to Congress. Narsa Reddy has indicated his support Prathap Reddy's candidature in Gajwel.

With such tough competition in the constituency, sources from TRS say that KCR is confused whether he should choose another seat or exchange his seat with his nephew, Harish Rao whose constituency is Siddipet. The Pink Party bosses are also looking for alternative seats for Harish Rao if KCR chooses Siddipet.

It is learnt that KCR is under the impression that if he exchanges seat with Harish Rao, it might give people an impression that he is running away from his home constituency fearing defeat in the hands of the Opposition. On the other hand, there is buzz that he might choose Medchal if Siddipet doesn't work for KCR.  

Recently, when Harish Rao made a statement about quitting politics, party cadre in his constituency took out a rally swearing to support and vote for Harish only. Amid such popularity for Harish Rao in Siddipet, we are yet to witness whether he will oblige to the sacrifice that KCR has asked him to make. If Harish Rao sacrifices his seat for KCR, it would not only worry the cadre in Siddipet but also invoke fears that KCR is not confident enough to win on his own. And, such a scenario does not bode well for TRS or for someone who is the CM candidate!

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