Pawan's fans see him as HD of AP!

Pawan's fans see him as HD of AP!

It looks like Jana Sena followers strongly believe that their Chief Pawan Kalyan is trying to learn from his brother's mistakes and avoid them. Despite sailing with the TDP and declaring support for the Yellow Party in 2014 elections, Pawan has openly declared that "it was a grave mistake to support TDP in 2014." At a meeting in Jaggampeta, Pawan Kalyan said that he believed Chandrababu Naidu would be the right choice as Jagan Mohan Reddy was facing cases in 2014.

In a self-praise and self-emulation episode at the meeting, Jana Sena Chief told: "The state is going to have its most cherished leader as its Chief Minister. It may unpalatable for some people to find Pawan Kalyan as the CM, but it is going to happen as the Jana Sena would prove its strength in 2019. I appeal to people to repose their faith in me. As Chief Minister, I would be with the people and lead the state in the right direction."

Going by his steely resolve and the way he has been changing his stand in attacking the TDP government as well as the YSRCP,  Pawan's fans and followers are confident that the JSP Chief has succeeded in cornering both the parties and creating a voice for himself in the state. Going by the current situation, if not for the TDP or the YSRCP, Pawan's fans definitely see him as the Kumaraswamy of Andhra Pradesh. So, will Pawan stand up to the expectations of his followers? He has a long way to go to prove his mettle!

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