Pawan Wants To Contest From Pithapuram: Trolls Have A Blast

Pawan Wants To Contest From Pithapuram: Trolls Have A Blast

There's something wrong with Pawan Kalyan's speeches in his public meetings and press meets. He makes so many statements about his political moves, but again changes them in his next speech. His latest statement about contesting 2019 elections has become a treasure for meme makers and trolls.

Addressing his party cadres and common people in Pithapuram yesterday, Pawan said that he would like to contest in 2019 polls from Pithapuram with the local deity Sripada Sri Vallabha Swamy blessings. Pawan also said that his party's think-tank wants him to contest from Ananthapuram or Itchapuram or Tirupati.

Within no time, trolls started having a blast on social media. Trolls asked Pawan how many constituencies he will contest in the, since the Janasena chief has made it a habit of expressing his wish to contest from whichever constituency he visits.

In the past, Pawan said he will contest from the following constituencies: Ananthapuram, Eluru, Kakinada, Srikakulam, Paderu and  Payakaraopet. Well, it's high time Pawan made up his mind.

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