#AlternativeFront: Chandrababu Planning Massive Rally in Amaravati

#AlternativeFront: Chandrababu Planning Massive Rally in Amaravati

Ashok Gehlot, former Chief Minister of Rajasthan and the Congress' CM candidate for the state, will meet AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in Amaravati tomorrow. The meeting assumes significance at a time when Chandrababu is uniting all anti-BJP forces onto a single platform.

According to sources in Congress, Gehlot, who is a close confidant of Rahul Gandhi, will meet Chandrababu on behalf of Congress scion and discuss strategies of the alternative front. Gehlot also is said to discuss about Congress' strategy for Rajasthan. All the surveys predict that Congress will win Rajasthan by routing the BJP. Similarly, the talks will also include the strategies that Congress needs to follow in three other states, where Chandrababu is guiding Rahul.

TDP sources say that Chandrababu will inform Gehlot about his talks with Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy as well as Stalin. He will give them a clear picture of the South's support for Congress as well as their position in Telangana.

There is also speculation that Chandrababu is planning for a massive rally as a show of strength of all the anti-BJP parties. The rally could be held in Amaravati and will culminate into a massive public meeting where Chandrababu plans to sound the poll bugle for the 2019 Loksabha elections. The days ahead will be interesting as the 'alternative front' is gearing up as a strong force against the NDA.

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