Pawan's secret meeting in Mumbai

Pawan's secret meeting in Mumbai

Jana Sena Chief's secret meeting in Mumbai is raising several questions in political circles. It is a known fact that Jana Sena Party and YSRCP have decided to refrain from contesting in the Telangana elections by indirectly agreeing to support TRS.

According to inside reports, Pawan halted his Praja Porata Yatra abruptly and headed to Mumbai. At the same time, TRS leaders KT Rama Rao was present in Mumbai at the pretext of an Awards event. Sources say that the Mumbai visit of Pawan Kalyan was to meet KTR and discuss on the politics related to the Telugu states. All this is being directed by the BJP High Command to fight against Chandrababu, indicate inside reports.

Apparently, Pawan was initially planning to give tickets to some of his party candidates in areas where TDP candidates are contesting in Telangana. Sources say that Pawan arrived at the decision after his meeting with KTR. However, with today being the final day for nominations, there could be other plans for Pawan. There are rumours that he may chip in to campaign for the TRS in the last minute. It could also be a quid-pro quo deal, say sources.

Bringing this secret meeting out, Mumbai Mirror Editor tweeted about Pawan-KTR meeting, indicating their tie-up to bring down TDP in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We are yet to watch how Pawan will choose his strategies for Telangana. But, this meeting between Pawan and KTR may put Jana Sena Chief in further trouble for working against the interest of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

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