YSRCP fumes over Prakash Raj

YSRCP fumes over Prakash Raj

Versatile actor Prakash Raj is simultaneously doing films and active in public life. He played a crucial role in Karnataka politics and the other day he was in headlines for extending his supporting to TRS party.

Prakash Raj did give interview for couple of Telugu news channels in the last two days when he was in Hyderabad and in one of them he made big remarks on YS Jagan. When asked whom he would support in the AP, the national award winning actor replied that the elections in the other Telugu state are far away and it is too early to take anybody's side.

About his opinion on YS Jagan, Prakash Raj said, as an opposition leader he is doing well but by the time of elections he might go for a pact with BJP. This remarks did not go well with YSRCP and they are fuming over Prakash Raj and are alleging him for having a secret deal with Telugu Desam.

Prakash Raj is nobody's man and he will give nothing to this sort of political accusations.

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