Do You Know Where Pawan's Kids Are?

Do You Know Where Pawan's Kids Are?

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is not just promising some clean and transparent politics to Telugu people but he is also giving some relationship as well as parenting goals to everyone who follows him. And his kids are an example of what he is doing.

With recently Renu Desai also getting married for the second time, many felt that Akira and Aadya might get little distanced from their biological father Pawan Kalyan. But all that trash is pushed deep into the trash can as Pawan took his kids from Renu to a tour along with his present wife Anna and her kids.

Along with Anna, Polena and Mark Shankar, now Aadya and Akira are touring various parts of Europe, celebrating the Christmas and New Year eves and enjoying their holidays. We hear that they do gel well with Anna and all the kids are said to be in a joyful mood in their Switzerland vacation.

One might ask for the authenticity of this news, but none other than Renu Desai confirmed in a recent interview that her kids vacating with their dad in Europe. That explains everything.

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