Congress Could Cut Into YCP Vote Bank

Congress Could Cut Into YCP Vote Bank

After their drubbing in the Telangana polls, the Telugu Desam Party High Command is re-thinking its alliances. Apparently, the TDP bosses have realised that their narrative on showing BJP as the real villain is dragging way too far while their strategy on proving YSRCP as BJP's cohort is not really working.

Given that YSRCP Chief Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has won considerable support through his Padayatra, the TDP is now looking into different strategies that can make it win people's support and come back to power.

As part of its brainstorming process, the party believes that it should slug it out alone in Andhra Pradesh, without an alliance with the Congress. Several senior leaders within the TDP too believe they don't need the Congress. Except for core voter base of Congress in AP, the party may not get much. Similarly, for TDP too, the core voter base is crucial, with or without alliance. Therefore, the TDP believes that if goes to the polls alone, the Congress' minority votes could cut into YSRCP's votebank, denting their base.

If TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu sticks to a no-alliance policy before polls, this will also be the first time they will be going to the polls alone. With Jagan already declaring that he will not ally with any party and Pawan showing an inclination towards Left parties, the election battle in Andhra Pradesh is going to be a triangular fight.

It is clear that Pawan is in this contest as a spoilsport while the real battle is between Chandrababu and Jagan. So, if both the parties choose to content without any ally, this will be an election to watch! 

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