Website Owner Is Confident On Getting YCP Ticket!

Website Owner Is Confident On Getting YCP Ticket!

There are many aspirants of MLA tickets who are around YS Jagan from a time. Among them, there is this Telugu website owner as well who has invested his time and money on YSR Congress from last five years. But then, a doubt pestered him all these days.

Actually, there is a talk from sometime that YS Jagan will be joining hands with Janasena party. If that has happened, then this website owner will not be getting a ticket as political circuits buzzed that the constituency he is expecting a ticket from will be given to Janasena as part of the seat-sharing pact.

Now that Jagan himself has clarified in an interview that he will not join hands with any Kutami, because seat-sharing pacts will do injustice to the person who is carrying YSRC flag from years, this website owner is said to be quite happy. Now that he is fully confident of getting the ticket, he wants to focus on winning the MLA seat.

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