I will declare candidates after Jagan & CBN: Pawan

I will declare candidates after Jagan & CBN: Pawan

Continuing his workshops and political guidance lessons to his party cadre, Jana Sena Party Founder Pawan Kalyan said that the party's 100-day action plan is to fight the upcoming assembly elections in the state with full force. When asked about declaring his party candidates for various constituencies in the state, Pawan Kalyan said that "I will declare the candidates once TDP Chief and YSRCP Chief declare theirs."

"We are very well aware of our strengths and weaknesses. We are aware of our party cadre and their experience. We are going forward in our way, whichever works for us, with out ideas and ideology," said Pawan Kalyan in a TV interview.

Commenting on Jagan's recent comments on Jana Sena denting TDP's vote bank, Pawan said: "Everyone has their perception about their vote bank. But, they are not in touch with reality on the ground. There is a lot of awareness among youth now, so both (Jagan and Chandrababu) can have their own understanding of the situation. But, it is far from reality."

The actor-turned-politician added that he will continue his political guidance workshops district-wise and will motivate cadre based on their strengths. "We will be looking into grassroots issues, village-wise and mandal-wise. So, depending on our local leaders from these places and their knowledge of ground-level issues, they will be given responsibilities," he clarified, adding that people will decide the future of Jana Sena Party.

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