Pawan's Reaction On Balayya-Nagababu Episode?

Pawan's Reaction On Balayya-Nagababu Episode?

As Janasena president Pawan Kalyan is back from his holiday and taking care of party activities, the one question that comes to anyone's mind is, if he will talk about his mega brother's recent jibes at Nandamuri Balakrishna. Here is an insider talk about this.

The moment Pawan started consultations with the crucial political team of Janasena, a topic regarding Naga Babu's continuous tirade of 'reactions' on Balayya's past comments has come to the table, they say. So what has Pawan Kalyan said about the whole fiasco? What is his reaction like?

Some sources in Janasena party revealed that Pawan Kalyan actually took the whole thing in a light-hearted way. He is said to be of the feeling that both Balayya and Nagababu are two highly emotional people who never really think before they actually speak. Pawan is said to have asked his team to move on and focus on other important things.

While these videos of Naga Babu have triggered a storm, it looks like other mega heroes including Pawan don't want to make a big fuss of it.

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