'NTR asked if I had rowdies in Vijayawada'

'NTR asked if I had rowdies in Vijayawada'

At a time when NTR's biopic Kathanayakudu is making waves across the globe, a key political player in NTR's life Nadendla Bhaskara Rao has made shocking statements about TDP Founder and former AP Chief Minister Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao in an interview. Stating that his family always stayed away from movie stars, he said that his family members were never comfortable whenever he met NT Rama Rao.

"My father and wife were never happy with me meeting NTR. My dad always said it is too low of us to have any connections with such people. Chi chi...why movies and movie stars? Donot tread that path or donot bring them home....my dad always used to say," he said, talking about how he met NTR at his house.

NTR used to keep calling me over landline phone and ask me details about the regional party we were planning, he said. "Once he called and asked about MLAs. The other time he met me he asked about how many rowdies do you have in Vijayawada? That place runs with rowdies right? When I asked him what he is talking about..he said how is it possible? This was happening when we were planning a new party after I resigned from Congress party," Bhaskara Rao explained.

Bhaskara Rao said: "You (Bhaskara Rao) make me Party President and you take care of other administrative tasks." That is when I asked him to come to the party meeting at MLA quarters, said Nadendla, adding that a large section of party members opposed NTR's entry and told me him was doing wrong. "I convinced my people that he is older than me. He came up with Telugu Desam as the name of the party but many didn't like it because Desam meant country and we are not a Telugu country. We are a state. But, he went ahead with it and made the announcement," he said, objecting to the behaviour of NTR in the party.

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