Will Educated Elites Bring New Rise To Janasena??

Will Educated Elites Bring New Rise To Janasena??

There is a severe criticism on Janasena Party from sometime that there are no leaders in this party led by Pawan Kalyan, while Nadendla Manohar is the only addition. However, Powerstar has rewritten the whole thing as some educated elite joined the party big time.

From educationist Vishnu Raju to environmental activist Pulla Rao, great scientist Abdul Kalam's scientific advisor Ponraj to professor Sudhakar Rao to retired DIG Ravi Kumar Murthy, an educated elite class has now joined Janasena party. And that looks pretty encouraging on social media and pictures, but the moot question is, will they bring new rise to the party?

Educated and professional people always failed to make a difference when they came up with political parties. From Loksatta JP to Aam Admi's Arvind Kejriwal, there are these educated and well-behaved politicians who never do populist work like our regular MLAs and MPs. But still, their success rate is very low. So what will this cult add to Janasena became a crucial discussion now.

If we have to tell in cinema language, these educated lots are A-centre campaigners, but we need content for B & C centers. What say Janasainiks?

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