Why BJP is unable to defend itself in AP

Why BJP is unable to defend itself in AP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit has been dubbed as his most important visit to Andhra Pradesh, ahead of the Assembly and General elections. BJP cadre in the state has been upbeat about his visit to the state and has created a lot of noise about it. However, the ground-level cadre has been confused about how it should portray BJP's image in Andhra Pradesh.

It is a well-known fact that several assurances made in the AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 has been ignored and not fulfilled by the Central government. The demand for Special Status also has been side-tracked by the NDA government. Similarly, funds for Hudhud have not been released fully, assistance for Cyclone Titli was ignored along with not providing funds for the Polavaram project, Amaravati construction and other schemes that require Central assistance.

Even senior leaders such as K. Haribabu and Vishnu Kumar Raju who had earlier been vocal about the party's work, are aware of the party's dwindling image in the state and have been keeping silent. At a time when there are protests against the BJP government for not paying heed to promises made to AP and ignoring the demands from the state, it has become difficult for leaders to defend themselves.

According to sources in the BJP, some of the leaders say that all the development works in the state such as laying trunk infrastructure or roads in the capital city of Amaravati, construction of houses for the poor, assistance for farmers, pension hike for beneficiaries and many other works are being implemented by the TDP government.

"No one can ignore these facts about development and people can see it," say political observers. The best example of BJP's image in AP is the recent visit of Amit Shah which did not have an audience at all. While BJP is looking for various ways to defend itself in the state, it is doing its best to defeat the current TDP government along with its allies YSRCP.

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