AP Bagundalantae Cycle Ni Thokkeyandi: Naga Babu

Naga Babu's indirect political satires through his 'Naa Ishtam' Youtube channel initially attracted more views. Though the stale aspects he chose to address managed to get attention earlier, his recent video seems to be silly.

Naga Babu came up with a short time kids' skit this time to attack TDP. His main target is TDP and few news channels that allegedly support Chandrababu Naidu, and this time too, TDP remains Naga Babu's target.

In his skit, a kid is seen cycling and when asked why he is doing that, his answer was to keep good health (Cycle tokkithe aarogyaniki Manchidani) and another frustrated kid is seen jumping and kicking the cycle gives the answer "Cycle 'Tokkithe' Aandhra Pradesh ki Manchidani, Cycle ne Tokkutunnanu".

Naga Babu tried a pun to attack TDP this way and at the end he even gave a disclaimer that the 'vehicle' used in the video does not belong to any 'person'.

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