Chandrababu has Congress blood in him: Amit Shah in open letter

Chandrababu has Congress blood in him: Amit Shah in open letter

Addressing an open letter to the people of Andhra Pradesh, BJP National President Amit Shah has called AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu's fast as "desperate histrionics to mislead people of the state."

"His desperation for grabbing headlines is understandable as he is aware that his political fortunes are declining rapidly. Shri Naidu knows that he has lost complete credibility among the people of Andhra Pradesh and as a result is announcing a series of sops to woo different sections. Sensing defeat in the coming elections, he has made multiple U-turns and is carrying on a malicious propaganda against the Centre and BJP leadership to divert people's attention from his failures," Amit Shah said, in the letter.  

Warning Chandrababu Naidu in his letter, he said: "He (Naidu) is going too far by personally attacking Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, and even did not have the courtesy to receive the Hon'ble Prime Minister when he came to the state. However, the enlightened and politically conscious people will see through his desperation to retain power. They will teach a befitting lesson to him in the coming elections for having joined hands with the Congress, which has bifurcated the state in a unilateral, hasty and unscientific manner, ignoring the interests of the state."

Stating that Chandrababu is a political opportunist, Amit Shah said that he hailed the special package announced by the NDA government on the floor of the Assembly, in party meetings, public forums and press conferences, and even declared that Special Category Status was not a panacea and did not help states with such status to develop. "At that time other parties demanded Special Category Status, he called them names arrested many people agitating for such status. However, he made a complete U-turn and is today raising this issue himself," he alleged.

Not stopping at that, Amit Shah also attacked the Congress saying that the party "never bothered about the aspirations of the people of Telangana, coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions of the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state. Had there been even an iota of sincerity towards the people of Andhra Pradesh, UPA would have included the provision of ‘Special Category Status' in AP Reorganization Act."

Interestingly, Amit Shah also alleged that it was the UPA government's responsibility for not fulfilling promises and said that they did not mention the Special Status in the AP Reorganisation Act. "Similarly, why did it (UPA) not facilitate speedier implementation of Polavaram project by transferring the seven mandals located in Khammam district to Andhra Pradesh? Why did it not promulgate an ordinance in this regard?," he said.

Stating that the Modi Government has implemented assurances to Andhra Pradesh, he said: "In fact, the Modi Government has not only implemented most of the assurances in a record time, but also walked an extra mile to fast-track the progress of Andhra Pradesh. It has accorded highest priority to handholding Andhra Pradesh."  The Open letter also stated the facts and figures of the promises and assurances made to AP in the Reorganisation Act.

Again making personal attacks on Chandrababu, Amit Shah said: "Naidu indulged in political skulduggery, back-stabbed his allies and violated the principles of coalition dharma. We are aware that Shri Chandrababu Naidu has Congress blood in him. But we never expected that he will go to the extent of even surpassing the Congress in speaking lies and untruths and in carrying a hate campaign against the Central Government, the Prime Minister and the BJP."

He concluded his letter stating that Chandrababu has broken the trust of the people of AP and he will lose in the upcoming Assembly elections.

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