There Are No Politics, Only Farmer Issues -Renu Desai

There Are No Politics, Only Farmer Issues -Renu Desai

In the wake of speculations rife that Renu Desai is brought onto the political turf by YS Jagan's Sakshi TV, the former actress and former wife of Janasena president Pawan Kalyan has decided to give clarity. For the unknown, Renu is coming up with a show related to farmers and their issues for that channel very soon.

"Wholeheartedly I'm doing this show for the sake of farmers only, but there is no political intention or motivation behind this. I just met 100s of farmers and getting stunned and upset to know about their plight and issues" says Renu upright, as she clarifies on the total gossip.

"If I can help or change at least one farmer's life, I will be the very happiest person" she adds, as she pleaded not to make political web around her true and honest intentions to serve the farmers. However, many netizens are feeling this is a hard thing to believe, though Renu has nothing to do with the show politically.

By making her agree to do this show and start it in the same Kurnool district where Pawan Kalyan is touring, there seems to a political arrangement made, if not by Renu, by the ones who are helping her get the show done. And everyone knows who they are.

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