Rumor: Political Star's Secret Affair With NRI Heroine

Rumor: Political Star's Secret Affair With NRI Heroine

From a film star, he has become a political star and surprisingly he is struggling in the same way as he struggled in the first place. However, his revelations sometimes struck rivals off the guard, leaving them in splits and also in confusion as to how they could counter him.

Some reports are coming out that this hero has pushed himself into an affair with his former co-star. As this lady settled in the USA long back, he is shuttling back and forth to make sure that he will be spending plenty of time there. And then, he is making sure that none will catch this couple on their smartphones such that the affair will not be exposed.

But why is he worried about getting public anyway? Actually, both of them got married to some other's already, and still struggling to come out of that marriage, but want to continue their affair. Many wonder how come that dazzling heroine got impressed by this talkative fellow who actually looks like a big turnoff.

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