Radha Seeks Lagadapati's Advice

Radha Seeks Lagadapati's Advice

Vangaveeti Radha, who has been in doldrums on whether to join TDP or not, has met senior politician and former MP of Vijayawada Lagadapati Rajagopal and reportedly sought his advice on his next step. Radha has been upset with Jagan for denying MLA ticket from Vijayawada Central. In fact, Radha got more disappointed when he learned that Jagan wants to field Malladi Vishnu from Central.

Radha told Lagadapati over his future plan and how this could affect his political career. Radha also shared the feedback he had got from his father late Vangaveeti Ranga's fans, followers.

Radha told Lagadapati that he will work for YS Jagan's defeat and told him that no matter what he would strive for YCP's defeat in the coming elections. Radha has explained Lagadapati on how Jagan "insulted" his father and himself. He said he has walked out of YCP owing to these reasons. Vangaveeti Radha is yet to take a formal decision on his future plan of action. While TDP has been mounting pressure on Radha to join into their fold, Radha is taken aback with the feedback from his followers given the age-old rivalry between his father and TDP.

Radha's next plan of action has been the discussion point in AP political circuits. Let's hope Lagadapati would help Radha in giving valuable advise.

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