Republic survey foresees TDP victory

Republic survey foresees TDP victory

Loud journalist Arnab Goswami led Republic TV's latest survey predicts Telugu Desam Party's victory in the assembly elections. As per the survey, TDP is likely to get 37.4 percent of vote share while YSR Congress party would be restricted to 35.3 percent.

Republic TV analysed that this emergence of TDP is mainly attributed to the 'Pasupu - Kumkuma' scheme for the women and also increase in the pension for the aged, widows and the physically handicapped.

About the Parliament seats, TDP will once again take lead with 14 seats while YSRCP is expected to win 11 MPs. The fight here is almost neck to neck but it is clear that it's advantage TDP. If the cycle party focuses a lot more on the campaign for another four weeks, then it will be a cake walk for it.

Andhra Pradesh will go for polling on April 11th while the results will be out on May 23rd.

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