Snubbed YSRCP MLA gets emotional on Facebook Live

Snubbed YSRCP MLA gets emotional on Facebook Live

Being snubbed and looking extremely depressed, YSRCP's Putalapattu MLA took to Facebook and did a live video in which he expressed his sadness about facing humiliation at Lotus Pond while he waited to meet YSRCP President Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy. In the video, the MLA got emotional and stated that he will quit politics if he doesn't get a second chance.

Expressing his disappointment, a distraught Suneel said that 'he may or may not' get a chance to serve people again because he believed he could if YSRCP came to power in Andhra Pradesh. Additionally, the MLA thanked YSRCP supporters and party cadre. 'I would have been nice if I got a chance to serve people. But, God did not give me a second chance. I thank you all for your support,' he stated.

Yesterday, Suneel Kumar waited for long time along with his family to meet YSRCP chief while he was ignored and his presence was not acknowledged. His mentor in politics P. Ramachandra Reddy also seemed to have ignored Suneel at Lotus Pond. 'I believe I have not committed any mistakes and kept the respect for Jagan garu very high in the minds of people. I'm crazy about Jagan and YSRCP,' he added, in the video. Now, we should watch how YSRCP leaders will respond to this emotional video of the MLA that has gone viral on social media.

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