'Son' Rise In Paritala Family

'Son' Rise In Paritala Family

The Paritala family seems to be divided on who should contest in the ensuing elections. The family members of late MLA Paritala Ravindra hold different opinions about who should fight the polls. While a majority of them want AP minister Paritala Sunitha to be in the forefront, another section wants her son, Paritala Sriram, to contest from Raptadu.

In the past, Paritala Sunitha had requested Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu to nominate her son for Kalyandurgam constituency or for any other place but Chandrababu remained silent with regard to the issue. Instead, he announced her as the Telugu Desam Party's candidate from Raptadu constituency. Also, Chandrababu has made it clear that only one member from a family will get a seat.

Following this rule within the TDP, there is talk that Sunitha is likely to give way to her son to contest from Raptadu. Given that there is news from some circles in the TDP that Kalyandurgam will not be given to the current sitting MLA, Sunitha's hopes for the seat spiked. However, the party high command wants Sunitha to contest and not her son because Sunitha enjoys popularity and has following, unlike her son who is still perceived as a novice.

We are yet to see whether the mother will sacrifice her seat to make way for the Paritala scion and pave way for his future?

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