Viveka Murder: Family Suspects Sudhakar Reddy

Viveka Murder: Family Suspects Sudhakar Reddy

The brutal murder of YS Vivekananda Reddy just ahead of elections 2019 is raising several doubts. Considering that YS Viveka was known for his soft nature and good relations with all, initially everyone who knows him and his family were shocked by the news of his murder. Slowly, his family seems to be coming out of the shock and they have expressed their doubt and suspicion on one man Sudhakar Reddy who has rivalry with YS family.

Sudhakar Reddy is a convict in Viveka's father YS Raja Reddy's murder. He has been jailed for the crime. He was recently released from Kadapa central jail. Viveka's family is now suspecting that Sudhakar Reddy could have killed Viveka as revenge for being jailed for several years. However, this is Viveka's family's suspicion.

Cops have taken Viveka family's suspicion into account and working in that direction. However, why initial reports came as "heart-attack" and how his body was shifted from pool of blood and why cops were informed late about such big issue. These are many doubts surrounding Viveka's death and unanswered questions at the moment.

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