Don't Vote For Kamma Desam And Chandrababu -Posani

Don't Vote For Kamma Desam And Chandrababu -Posani

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Breathing fire on TDP supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu yet again, actor Posani Krishnamurali has advised all the voters of Andhra Pradesh to not vote for Telugudesam party. "If you are voting for TDP, then you're voting for Kamma Desam only. They will make the state a Kamma state. Don't vote for this Kamma Desam and thief Chandrababu" said Posani.

Do you wonder why Posani is flaring this way now?

Actually, Posani is said to have made a film that cracks jokes and satires on Telugu Desam's manifesto. And not before the film's first copy is ready, someone is said to have written a letter to Election Commission about this film.  And then, EC has written a letter to Posani, asking him to come to Amaravati for a discussion. Responding to this, Posani wrote back a letter to EC confirming that his film has no political affiliations. But still, EC folks are said to be asking Posani to come to Amaravati once.

"Why are you calling me to Amaravati for a discussion when I've not even released a teaser? What is the need for me to come to Amaravati? Have you planned my murder there? What if someone gets a leak of information that I'm coming to Amaravati and then hatch a conspiracy to kill me?" he asked, sharing the letters he received from EC to the media.

"Tomorrow I will give a complaint to EC about Chandrababu. Will you call him to a discussion in the same way? There is a Censor Board to look into films and they will take a call on films, why would anyone bother about it" Posani concludes.

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