Nani Fires on PVP, Calls Him International Criminal

Nani Fires on PVP, Calls Him International Criminal

Coming down heavily on PVP over his sensational comments on Special Category Status, Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani has called PVP as "international criminal". Kesineni Nani described PVP as financial scamster and alleged him of floating "fake" companies in the US. Nani further alleged that PVP has "no knowledge" on people's issues.

Nani said Vijayawada has witnessed a lot of growth and development in the last 5 years. He said a lot of Central funds have been brought to AP by the state government.

Meanwhile, CPI Ramakrishna too found fault with PVP over his comments. Ramakrishna has demanded YCP and Jagan Mohan Reddy to withdraw PVP's candidature from Vijayawada parliament seat. He dared Jagan to withdraw PVP immediately if YCP is committed to Special Category Status to AP.

Even though PVP maintains 'no mistake' of himself and claims that his words have been used 'out of context', both TDP and Janasena has targeted PVP and YCP.

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