PVP needs to go local, not the Trump way!

PVP needs to go local, not the Trump way!

"Make America great again!" was Donald Trump's slogan for his Presidential campaign that won him the election. Now, a desi version of Donald Trump's slogan has found its way into Andhra Pradesh through Potluri Vara Prasad, Vijayawada MP candidate for YSR Congress Party.

Vara Prasad's slogan for his Lok Sabha campaign is "Let's make Vijayawada great again, ASAP!". While the slogan is catchy for the English-speaking crowd and has a urbane hue to it, it doesn't connect with locals, especially the majority Telugu-speaking people of the city or Krishna district.

While those from Vijayawada are very entrepreneurial and hence, the slogan could be understood, it doesn't make an impact to those at the grassroots. Also, his slogan is a vague one as it does not convey what "great" means for Vijayawada. If you go by Trump's campaign and the idea behind the slogan, it was to show the world that America has ruled the world and hence, will again be on top at a time when Russia and China are competing with the Imperialist country.

But, in case of Vijayawada, the people seem to have no clue about how Vijayawada will be made great as soon as possible (ASAP), if not for the ongoing capital region works, taken up by the TDP. If Potluri is relying on his Indianised version of the western concept borrowed from Trump's campaign, it may not work for him or improve his chances politically.

This is also a time when "Telugu sentiment" is at its peak. Therefore, using ‘English ambiguous slogans" for campaigns may not go down well with the people of the state.