#Fasak! Mohan Babu's first reaction on 1 year jail

#Fasak! Mohan Babu's first reaction on 1 year jail

Actor Mohan Babu made it to headlines as an Erramanzil court has sentenced him for one year jail. In his first reaction, Mohan Babu accused filmmaker YVS Chowdary of deliberately filing a cheque bounce case and misled the court.

A press statement was released and it read, "In 2009, YVS Chowdary had directed Manchu Vishnu's 'Saleem' which was made under our Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner. For that film I have paid full remuneration to YVS and we planned one film together. So I paid advance to YVS in the form a cheque worth Rs 40 Lakh. But as 'Saleem' flopped, I informed YVS that I'm calling off the second film and also informed not to deposit the cheque. Yet YVS deposited the cheque which had bounced and later he filed a case against me. He totally misled the court in this whole episode.”

Immediately after getting the sanction, advocates on behalf of Mohan Babu have applied for a bail petition. Then Mohan Babu said he would approach the sessions court over Erramanzil's 23 Metropolitan Special Magistrate court's verdict.

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