Jagan thinks he is the CM already!

Jagan thinks he is the CM already!

Addressing the media, YSR Congress Party President Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy has thanked people for coming out in large numbers and voting in favour of the YSRCP. He said that the Telugu Desam Party has resorted to inciting violence and resorted to fiddling with the EVMs as a conspiracy to ensure that YSR Congress doesn't win the election.

Reflecting his confidence that YSR Congress will form the government in Andhra Pradesh, he said that "TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu has ensured that polling gets disturbed and gets hit. He stooped so low that he threatened the Election Commission. He has enacted so many dramas because he knows he is losing this time. Even the voting percentage was something he wanted to bring down."

"I thank each and every voter for choosing YSR Congress. I also convey my regards to YSRCP karyakartas and candidates for standing up against the TDP and facing the election. I want to thank people for believing in Democracy. We will soon form the government and bring about a change," he said, highlighting the incidents of clashes where he claimed that two YSR Congress party karyakartas died.

Despite voting in the morning in Andhra Pradesh, one still wonders about why Jagan headed back to Hyderabad and spoke to media from his residence at Lotus Pond. Political observers say that at least until the voting finished, Jagan could have stayed in AP to give people the confidence that he will stand by them.

By doing pressers from Hyderabad, he is clearly showing people he could rule Andhra Pradesh from Hyderabad, they add. Further, his address to the media reflects that he is becoming the Chief Minister of the state, which is preposterous. "Being confident is one thing, but going overboard and stating everyone voted for YSRCP is ridiculous," they add. Well, May 23rd is the day Andhra Pradesh is desperately awaiting, to see whose dreams come true and whose get shattered!