Chandrababu's 'De'pressmeet Is To Supress BJP!

Chandrababu's 'De'pressmeet Is To Supress BJP!

There has been a lot of negative media propaganda which TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu has been garnering from his political rivals for going bonkers over the Election Commission for exhibiting such incapability in holding polls in Andhra Pradesh. Several media outlets have been portraying him as someone who is repeatedly creating this controversy because he fears losing. The Bharatiya Janata Party, along with anti-TDP parties, have been claiming he is aware that he is losing and will not come back to power and holding 'De'pressmeet in Delhi against Election Commission. But the Chandrababu's agendra behind targeting EC is to supress BJP.

Additionally, the Chief Minister's angst has been misinterpreted by his rivals as he is talking about conducting fair elections but the political parties are talking about the results. He has taken the fight to Delhi directly over the Election Commission and demanded that the elections happen through ballot paper instead of EVMs, which can be manipulated.

Interestingly, the Election Commission wrote a counter letter to the TDP Chief stating that it cannot allow AP delegation's technical team for a discussion as it has a person (Hari Prasad) who has been accused of stealing an EVM. Political observers say that the Election Commission has sidetracked the issue and is focussing on a trivial case filed against a person. Also, the EC has still not addressed or responded on the unorganised manner in which it had conducted elections in Andhra Pradesh and why so many EVMs went kaput.

Going by the EC's responses, it is clear that the regulatory body is acting at the behest of the BJP government at the Centre. In fact, political observers say that EC has never been so supportive openly of an existing government. Further, all those voicing their criticism against Chandrababu are not seeing an underlying strategy of the TDP chief that do a major damage to the BJP at the Centre and in other states. For instance, Chandrababu is now ensuring that he will campaign for his friends from regional parties in other states and increase awareness on how BJP could manipulate the polls in their states too though EVMs.

His continuous press meets in Delhi along with other political parties, TDP's review petition in the Supreme Court requesting for counting of at least 25% VVPAT slips, instead of the earlier SC verdict of random selection of counting VVPAT slips in 5 booths in every constituency and Chandrababu's battle to ban EVMs and go back to ballot paper cannot be underestimated or overlooked at this point in time.

While the BJP has been brushing off the TDP Chief's criticism as a publicity stunt in Delhi, it needs to stop and look at how this move of the TDP Chief could dent its prospects of majority at the Centre.

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