Whole Of Andhra Pride Now Back To Hyderabad

Whole Of Andhra Pride Now Back To Hyderabad

With April 11th being a poll day and followed by a weekend, many actually took a holiday on Friday and went for vacations too. And some have gone to their home places to vote and returned back Hyderabad only on Monday morning.

Generally, few government employees like teachers and lecturers get summer holidays but not all the departments and not all the employees. However, this 4-day-break has excited many folks as they rushed to hometowns and to other vacations, to relax. Some of them are actually those torchbearers of Andhra pride as they wanted to vote in the election at any cost. For the same, they even went ahead to coastal towns and villages on their bikes, riding more than 400 kilometres from Hyderabad.

The stark reality is however that all the Andhra pride has now come to Hyderabad to go ahead with jobs and other businesses. That's where actually many want the 'change' to happen with the swift construction of AP's new capital. Because Amaravati's rapid development might help them stay close in their own state rather than working in a neighbourhood state.

On the other hand, every Andhraite is eagerly awaiting along with their Telangana counterparts to see the result on May 23rd.

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