Finally, KCR to step into secretariat?

Finally, KCR to step into secretariat?

In his last term Telangana CM KCR visited secretariat hardly few times. The oppositions have heavily criticized KCR on this and questioned why the CM is not bothered coming to secretariat. Despite the oppositions criticism, KCR continued to do his day-to-day operations from Pragathi Bhavan. Few bureaucrats call Pragathi Bhavan as mini secretariat for obvious reasons.

Finally KCR seems to have changed his mind and will soon reach secretariat and will work from here in the coming days. With Lok Sabha elections getting done and the next is Zilla Parishad polls, KCR for some time will focus on his party and poll activities. This would take another month or so and after that KCR will completely concentrate on governance. Already there are reports that KCR is planning for a revamp of the entire revenue department and along with this, there are few more departments, KCR is looking for an overhaul.

As part of this KCR is going to appoint Divisional Commissioner system with core teams. This core teams will have senior IAS officers and four districts will be formed into one division. These core teams will be looking at all government welfare schemes and their implementation and would report to CM KCR on timely basis. For this KCR will have to come to the secretariat and he is said to be okay with it.

Thank god, at least now KCR would come to secretariat on regular basis. But the oppositions will miss out this loophole to point out at KCR.

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