I will show them Law power: PVP

I will show them Law power: PVP

Noted producer and YSRCP Vijayawada MP candidate Potluri Vara Prasad (PVP) said he will be filing a defamation case worth Rs 100 crore each against news channels TV5, Mahaa News and an MP for making false allegations against him.

"When I entered politics, I decided to do positive politics without targeting any particular individual or political party. But my silence is taken for granted and few Telugu news channels have deliberately published false propaganda against me. I will show them Law power," said PVP. Let it take five years or 10 or 25 and how much cost it may, I will make sure this case will come to a logical conclusion," added PVP.

About the CBI charges, money laundering and blackmailing of a star heroine allegations, PVP had produced a document that CBI has given clean-chit to him and he is nowhere involved in money laundering cases. On threatening a heroine, PVP said, my production house has financed 150 films in south and we produced over 25 films. We have worked with big stars from south India not once but many a times. "We signed a star heroine and she walked out of the film just few days before the shoot, so we sued her legally and then justice is met," said PVP.

On the 'Coalgate' scam, PVP hit back at Chandrababu. "It is Nava Bharat Power and its promotor Y Harishchandra Prasad who are accused in the Coalgate scam and it was Chandrababu who allocated lands to Harishchandra Prasad. He is in CBI chargesheet and I'm not there in any of CBI cases in this entire country," stated PVP.

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