Ramoji Rao Stopped Ali From Maligning Pawan?

Ramoji Rao Stopped Ali From Maligning Pawan?

Comedian Ali repeatedly claimed that Pawan Kalyan always remains close to his heart though they have their differences in opinion regarding politics. Saying all this, Ali joined YSRC and we have seen how Pawan Kalyan spoke about Ali and how the latter mocked him in a counter video.

In that video as well, Ali asserted that he never ever said a hurting word against Pawan, even if he belonged to YSRC party now. But if the insider reports are to be believed, Ali is doing his best in hands to reprimand Pawan Kalyan, indirectly.

Ali invited Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Renu Desai on his talk show, 'Ali tho Saradaga' and he asked her some personal questions which obviously made Renu burst out with some negative answers on Pawan Kalyan. It is heard that Ali had plans to telecast this episode before elections.

Considering its negative impact towards Pawan Kalyan politically, ETV boss Ramoji Rao reportedly scheduled it to telecast post elections. Many now feel that any other TV channel craving for TRPs would have telecasted the program right before elections. While Ramoji followed ethics, Pawan Kalyan Janasena fans are venting anger on Ali for his 'backstabbing plans' and opportunistic politics, though he called himself a best friend of Pawan all these days.

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