Poll ink On Rajinikanth's Right Index Finger; EC seeks report

Poll ink On Rajinikanth's Right Index Finger; EC seeks report

'Superstar Rajinikanth is always right and cannot be left' - Looks like this popular phrase has been taken too seriously. An election officer at Stella Marris College polling booth applied the indelible ink on the right index finger of the actor instead of on his left index finger.

When asked on the same, the CEO (chief electoral officer) Satyabrata Sahoo said, 'Yes. it was a mistake. The official should have applied the ink on the actor's left index finger. As per rule, if there is any problem on the left index finger, the ink could be applied on the other fingers of the left hand'.

However, the CEO refused to say whose blunder it was. It is also not clear why the actor-turned-politician, who always exercise his right to vote precisely, showed his right index finger to the official. And, why the official was apathetic towards asking the actor to show left index finger? Were both inattentive or careless?

Soon after, the CEO has sought a report from the district election officer. In midst of all these, fans got irked by the whole incident and said that it is a small issue and Rajinikanth casting his vote itself is great. They also claimed that many people do not vote due to inefficiency and EC fighting over the wrong finger is absolutely frivolous.

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