Andhroda Song: Varma Hurts Andhra People

Andhroda Song: Varma Hurts Andhra People

It seems like Ram Gopal Varma is on a revenge mode as his film Lakshmi's NTR is not allowed to release in Andhra Pradesh. For the fact, the film is a flopbuster with the cheapest making, but Varma felt so embarrassed that he wants to target all the Andhraites in his upcoming film "Tiger KCR".

Though Varma has given enough clarities that he will be against those Andhraites who has hurt KCR but not all the Andhra people, a song released by him makes fun all the Andhra people. Sample this lyric: "Ma Mukala meeda voosinav.. maa body la meeda nadisinav andhroda". This is sung by Varma himself in a video he releases as if he is pouring the heart of 'Tiger KCR'.

Surely this is something that will hurt the whole of Andhraites without any second thoughts. Because Varma is directly saying that Andhrollu has done lots of unthinkable things like how Britishers have done to Indians. Isn't that intimidating?

Well, it's up to Varma decide to what he will show inside the film, but insulting his own fellow Andhra people won't make him a god.

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